Happy New Year!

As many of us head off to to gym for the first week of the New Year (and far less of us in the weeks to come), I’ve combined my workout with a new trendy diet called the Me Free Social Media Diet.

Much like your typical low carb diet, this calls for avoidance of those typical, high calorie, REALTOR® bad habits of social media.

However, it  will take a lot of will power. As REALTORS®, our natural urges to show off, celebrate and self-promote are much stronger than than the magnetic forces of any Big Mac.

The Me Free Social Media Diet restricts the following uses of social media.

The Pat on the Back Tweet:

January is award season. It’s that time of year where real estate brokerages award the sales success of their agents for the previous year. Based on commissions earned, these magically vague-named awards such as Master Sales Achievement and Upper Echelon Diamond Guru set the stage for the ever popular Pat on the Back Tweet:


I’m all for saying thank you, personal goals and a little internal office competition, but these awards don’t have a place on social media. Send a note or call each client to say thank you. I bet they get more out of it…and so will you.

NOTE: While this sugar filled, year-end dessert is mostly award season related, the “Congrats to my clients Dan and Susan on the purchase of their new home” tweet is sliced from the same chunk of chocolate cake.

The SOLD Sign Selfie

What do Subway Sandwich Artists do? They make sandwiches. Artistically delicious sandwiches. What do REALTORS® do? They help clients buy and sell homes. Yet, we feel the need to celebrate and announce each SOLD sign we create. These SOLD Sign Selfies are trending on Instagram. However, when is the last time you saw a Subway Sandwich Selfie?


Remember how Barry Sanders would score touchdowns? No dancing or celebrating. He made it look like he’s been there before. Each SOLD Sign Selfie gives the impression that it’s the first time you’ve been in the end zone.

The Back-Handed Content Share.

A short time after you set up your twitter account, some social media guru told you that social media is about providing value. He told you to find articles that might interest your clients and to share it with them. This will help to establish you as an industry expert in your market.

This is true. But similar to those tangy two pickles and secret sauce of the Big Mac, our natural REALTOR® urges are hard to resist. Often, when we provide value we impatiently ask for something in return. “Market is hot! Call me if you are looking to buy or sell!”FacebookCallMe


No need to be impatient. Your friends realize who shared this information with them. Just keep establishing relationships and being their industry expert.

Well there are other tempting tweets, (refer to here and here ), avoiding these three tasty fast food items should help shed a few pounds of self-promotion and help me establish more meaningful relationships. After all, It’s About You, Not Me.

The Me Free Social Media Diet
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One thought on “The Me Free Social Media Diet

  • January 8, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Brin great post! Good for you, and I don’t considered your account to be overly guilty of any of these transgressions. I think we all could use less brag tweets in our lives. Much easier said than done. Any way, keep up the awesome work my friend!!


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