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Were not sure how you found us, but we imagine it was through a mutual friend. The majority of our new clients were introduced to us by referral from a past client. Thanks for looking us up.

Whether you are new to town, moving up, moving down or finally ready to buy your first home, the process can be a little overwhelming. From financing and offers to inspections, removals and possessions, there are many steps throughout the buying process, and many difficult decisions along the way.

Like a tour manager for a band, your REALTOR® should be the one behind the scenes, planning the details and setting the stage for you to rock. It’s your job to stand in the spotlight, sign autographs and make decisions. After all, it’s your name on the marquee.

There are many steps when buying a home. It’s important we are all on the same page. We recommend an initial meeting to discuss the process and plan our approach. It’s not just about the house you are looking for, but to ensure we complete understand your situation and expectations. We can meet anywhere you like, but you are welcome any time at our office, the Rockstar Lounge.IMG00123-20110323-0808

In these meetings, clients often ask us a few questions. Here’s a few of them in case you have the same ones.

Q: How much does it cost to use a REALTOR® to buy a house?

A: Nothing. It’s free for a buyer to work with a REALTOR®. We are paid by the sellers of the home you purchase.

Q: Why should I use a REALTOR® as a buyer? Why can’t I just call the agent who has the home listed for sale to see it and make an offer?

A: The REALTOR® who has the property listed is working for the seller. It’s their duty to represent the seller’s best interest. Having your own REALTOR® allows you to be properly represented in the transaction. Your agent is looking out for your best interest and puts you in the best position to bargain on a home. Also, it’s much easier for us to schedule a time to go out and see several homes together than it would be to try and schedule several showings with all the various listings agents at the same time.

Q: But won’t I save money by buying a home through the listing agent?

A: This is a common misunderstanding. When an agent represents both the seller and a buyer, they often making double the commission. Even if a reduction of the commission is negotiated, it’s the seller that would see the savings, not you. After all, they are the one paying the commissions. You are better off having your own representation and negotiating the best deal possible.

Q: Can we still look at home listed for on For Sale by Owner websites?

A: Absolutely. The majority of listings on these websites have already communicated a willingness to work with real estate agents (and pay commissions). The truth is the majority of these homes are sold by REALTORS® who show the homes to buyers they are working with. When looking for a home, we search homes listed on these sites, as well as

Q: When do I need to have my down payment ready?

A: Your down payment is key to being able to purchase your home. Your lender counts on it being available come time of possession, however, they may need proof that it is (or will be) in place by that time. That being said, you will need to provide a deposit at the time you make an offer on a home. A deposit is a negotiable amount, used as security on your offer to purchase a home. Buyers are often confused between a deposit and their down payment. While the deposit is paid at time of your offer, it actually counts towards your down payment. For example, if you are putting 5% down on a $300,000 purchase, your lender will required a down payment of $15,000. A $5,000 deposit on an offer to purchase will mean you will only require an additional $10,000 prior to possession to fulfill your $15,000 down payment requirement.


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